10 West Office and Parking Structure

Location:St. Louis Park, MN
Contractor:Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Architect:Ryan A+E Inc.
Engineer:Ericksen Roed and Associates, Inc.
Owner:Excelsior Group

This new 11-story, 343,000-square-foot Class A office building tower and parking structure includes approximately 5,000 square feet of shared outdoor amenity space, 3,500 square feet of retail space on the ground level, a fitness facility, public locker rooms and an indoor bike room with access to and from the linear park space. The design of the building incorporates mostly brick and glass, and provides a modern take on the durability of a brick warehouse building.

The office building is oriented along the east/west axis along the northern edge of the property. A glass vertical element is intentionally located off-center on the building to allow for a dramatic lobby connecting the plaza to the park, while maintaining a centered vertical circulation core. It also allows for a direct relationship with a future building to the south, which is to be north/south oriented.

Wells is manufacturing and installing more than 400,000 sq. ft. of precast for the office tower and parking structure.  We are currently erecting the exterior materials on the office tower, which are architectural precast spandrel panels boasting a thin brick and acid etch finish linking glass elements on every other floor. Precast thin brick arches and a deeper brick expression softens the base, adding character to the pedestrian experience. 

Wells will start erecting precast on the 1,214-stall parking structure soon, which is a three-bay wide design with vertical vehicular circulation occurring in the center bay. The fa├žades on all four sides are flat, and clad with integral color acid etch architectural precast.

BUILDING SIZE: 343,000 SF; 11 Floors


PARKING RATIO: 4.0 stalls / 1,000 SF(ramp & garage parking)

Sq. Ft. # Products
3,190 23 Beam – Inverted T
14 1 Beam – Rectangular
694 8 Column – Haunch
2,462 32 Column – Pocketed
299,002 432 Double Tee
398 971 Other
3,712 37 Solid Slab
2,317 9 Spandrel – Ledge
5,774 15 Spandrel – Rectangular
80,291 282 Wall – Architectural Insulated
32 1 Wall – Architectural Solid
1,551 4 Wall – Shear
15,193 44 Wall – Stitch
2,103 14 Wall – Structural Insulated
3,221 11 Wall – Structural Solid
419,954 1,884 Totals

For more information on this project, please contact Mat Boie.