A 360-stall parking ramp for North Loop moves ahead with 673 pieces of precast concrete

North Loop Ramp

Minneapolis, MN
General Contractor:
Synergy Builders
UrbanWorks Architecture
Mattson MacDonald Young
Schafer Richardson

A six-level, 360-stall parking ramp in the North Loop is currently being built and is one of the largest parking structures built recently for the neighborhood.

Besides parking stalls, the project also would have 4,000 square feet of commercial space. The ramp is made of precast concrete and clad with aluminum panels on three sides. The lot currently has 80 parking spaces, the expanded spaced is scheduled to be finished in the Spring 2018.

As the popular North Loop has continued to swell with additional housing and commercial businesses, parking has become a concern for both workers and residents.

Wells Concrete produced and erected more than 150,000 sq. ft. of precast for the parking structure.  Double tees, architectural spandrels and insulated wall panels were used to support this parking deck.


Product # Sq. Ft. / Ln. Ft.
12” wide Architectural Insulated Wall Panel 63 24,219 SF
12” wide Architectural Wall Panel 16 15,005 SF
Double Tee 162 98,856 SF
Beam 10 832 SF
Column 6 905 SF
Flat Structural 126 24,963 SF

For more information about this project, contact Matt Boie.