District 8 gets a new school with room for expansion

District 8 School

Williston, ND
General Contractor:
FCI Constructors Inc.
Williams County School District #8

The school board for District 8, formerly named New Public School District 8, voted to build a new middle school to replace Stony Creek Middle School. The $16.9 million school project, which the board voted to name Missouri Ridge Middle School, will start out serving grades six, seven and eight, and have a maximum capacity of 150 students. The site will be laid out in such a way that a future addition is possible. The possible addition would accommodate about 300 elementary school students, making a total of 450.

The core 22,400 square-foot space of the building, including a library, a gymnasium, a cafeteria and lab and study spaces, is being planned with 450 students in mind. A 11,250 square-foot modular wing would be connected to the main structure, which will comprise nine classrooms. The current construction timeline calls for the building to open in fall 2018, possibly in time for the start of school.

Wells Concrete is producing and erecting more than 40,000 sq. ft. of precast concrete, including wall panels and insulated wall panels.  The wall panels demonstrate a combination of finishes and features using thin brick, acid etch, and sandblast.

Schedule Information:

Speed of precast construction was compressing the project schedule so much that they were ahead of schedule. This allowed for the project to be enclosed before the winter months so interior construction could continue throughout the winter months

Design Challenges:

With the lack of labor and the short summer construction season precast was fabricated offsite using a labor pool in eastern ND and then shipped to the site for a fast installation. The use of hollowcore plank allowed for just one trade to coordinate delivery and installation and was able to all be set simultaneously to speed up the building enclosure

Innovations & Accomplishments:
The school system wanted a long-term, maintenance free building that they could be proud of for years to come; the use of thin brick materials gave the project the brick look that was desired while utilizing the speed and efficiency that a precast sandwich panel offers.

Product Details:

Precast was always the original design intent on this project. The use of architectural insulated walls on the exterior and solid bearing walls on the interior with hollowcore compressed the overall project schedule. Precast components are not always the least expensive building system up front, but there is value added when limiting the amount of trades involved, compressing schedule, reducing overall project site time, and allowing owners to take over their buildings sooner. When you factor all these components in precast because a lot more cost efficient.

Product Sq. Ft. #
Flat Architectural 20,294 91
Flat Structural 14,632 69
Hollowcore plank *provided by LaFarge 14,400


For more information about this project, contact Scott Monzelowsky.