Wells Educates With Tours And Lunch & Learns

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We live in a rapidly changing world. It seems like every day there is something new and exciting, and while there are those who hate this trend, there are more out there who love it. The question is constantly asked: What’s new at Wells Concrete? Many would be disappointed if we said, “Eh, not too much” - as if providing high quality precast concrete products isn’t quite enough anymore. Luckily, that’s not the answer that we have to give because things are changing just as rapidly here at Wells Concrete as in the rest of the world.

In the last few years alone we’ve started offering new finishes, features, and even new products. There are so many ways to learn about each of our recent innovations – Lunch and Learn presentations, plant tours, or simply visiting our website. Take time to browse our projects page, learn about what we offer the precast concrete and construction communities, or contact your local sales representative to schedule any of the following.

Lunch and Learns – Your office, our office/plant, or online

Wells Concrete is a registered provider through our unique relationship with the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI).  Contractors, owners, architects and engineers can learn about precast concrete hollowcore floors, architectural precast concrete, precast parking structures, and glass or carbon fiber reinforced concrete. All presentations qualify for 1 CE credit.

Presentations focus on topics such as:

Precast 101  |  Architectural Precast  |  Precast for Parking Structures  |  Total Precast Systems  |  Benefits of Hollowcore  |  Sustainability

Plant Tours – Albany, MN; Denver, CO; Rosemount, MN; and Wells, MN

Wells’ manufacturing operations are a key element of our success. This is where you have a chance to see what goes into each piece and how they’re made. We encourage you to schedule a tour to see all that our plant has to offer. Plant tours are available at any time throughout the year with a confirmed appointment. Plant tours qualify for 1 CE credit.

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Mockup Building – Albany, MN; Rosemount, MN; and Wells, MN

These Mockup Building displays are fully enclosed and comprised of eight different wall panels illustrating unique architectural finishes such as thin brick, acid etch, sand blasting, form liners, and polished concrete. Various architectural and structural details such as mitered corners, fully cast corners, reveals, accent bands, monolithically cast cornice, stone form liners and other features are available for you scrutinize and evaluate.  Structural details include detailing for three common roofing systems such as double tee roof members, bar joist roofing systems, and hollowcore roofing systems.  Another exciting feature on display is the newly introduced preinstalled Integrity Windows by Marvin.

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Screen Wall – Albany, MN

An “L” shaped Screen Wall displayed next to our Mock-up Sample Building in Albany, MN. The Screen Wall has 40’ and 50’ wings with 14’ tall panels. In addition, it showcases some of the newer finishes and features, including:

  • Four panels boast imprinted design finishes
    • Two panels incorporate supplied patterns: Kaleidoscope, Crumple, Vertices, and Vertices Negative
    • One panel utilizes a photo turned into a printable image
    • One panel has Wells’ own custom design printed on it
  • Three panels show off a new simulated natural stone, including limestone and travertine
  • One panel demonstrates cast-on Terra Cotta
  • Two panels showcase light-weight wall panel options – including IES; including factory-installed windows by Empirehouse. The windows have anodized aluminum frames, typically used for low rise building capacity and are 8’x6’ on a panel that will be rotated after the windows are installed.

Photo of the Wells screen wall