Another milestone reached – U.S. Bank Stadium

Another milestone was reached today for Wells Concrete and our U.S. Bank Stadium project.  Employee, Ed Schmitz, and his crew set the final piece of precast in place at Stadium today.  Four pieces of precast were erected on the first day, 10/16/14; 21 pieces were erected today.  Over 5,000 pieces were erected in the interim.  Many within our organization played important roles getting this project to the finish line.

Let’s not forget the production effort in Maple Grove; the bulk of their work wrapped up earlier this fall, but they were still prepared to quickly turn out precast at a moment’s notice if needed.

Today, we switch our focus to the Field Department – Among their many accomplishments on this project there is none greater than the fact that everyone that showed up to work on this crew over the last 14 months will be home with their family this holiday season.

Thanks to all Wells’ employees for a job well done!