Arches installed on Rochester Ramp, a unique precast concrete sandblast feature.

Rochester Parking Structure

Rochester, MN
General Contractor:
Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.
Collaborative Design Group
City of Rochester


A moderately busy downtown block in Rochester, MN will get narrower as a result of a new six story parking structure that’s being built. The ramp design features urban design standards that conform to Destination Medical Center guidelines and includes a pedestrian promenade, as well as one underground level. The year-long construction is expected to conclude in May 2018. The design conformed closely to the vision laid out in the DMC Design Guidelines, and while the design process started before the design guidelines were published, the final product matched the DMC vision. Overall, the ramp will have space for 640 cars. Ninety of those stalls are dedicated to the other building on the block, the under-construction Hilton Hotel building. The parking ramp and the Hilton will connect in several places, including at the skyway level.

Wells Concrete produced and erected more than 20,000 sq. ft. of precast for the project, including some unique arch pieces.  The top arch sits on a bottom arch on each side.  There are two complete arches, going over a railroad track that goes under the ramp.  These are precast with no strand, using curved rebar.  The top arch is 45′-9.5″ out to out with a rise of 9′-6″ to the top.  The section is 34″ deep, 16″ wide and a taper to 23’’ wide on the top side in erected position, with a sandblast finish. In addition to the arched pieces, Wells also provided architectural wall panels with beautiful cornices and terra-cotta accents.


Product Sq. Ft. #
Architectural Solid Wall 23,905 235
Flat Architectural 60 4
Totals 23,965 239

For more information about this project, contact Spencer Kubat or Josh Evan.