Arvada High School

Location:Arvada, CO
Contractor:Saunders Construction, Inc.
Architect:Hord Coplan Macht
Engineer: Anderson & Hastings Consultants, Inc.
Owner:Jeffco School District

Thanks to the passage of Ballot Issue 5B in November 2018, many improvements are being made to the Arvada High School.  Currently construction is in progress on a new auxiliary gym built on the west side of the current large gym with an elevator to provide access to the gym.  The estimated completion is September 2020.

Wells is currently erecting and manufacturing nearly 17,000 sq. ft. of precast for the gym.  Precast includes architectural wall panels and flat slabs.  When looking for a highly fire-resistant structure, precast’s inherently noncombustible composition, along with compartmentalization designs, contains fire to specific areas and allows for detection, evacuation, and suppression.

When designers look to meet strict budgeting needs based on tax revenues, a total precast concrete system expedites construction, minimizes the number of component pieces by combining structural and architectural attributes into a single piece, and offers single source responsibility from Wells, saving costs throughout the construction process. 

ProductPiecesSquare Feet
Interior solid walls112,015
Insulated architectural walls4014,645
Insulated architectural mock-up panel175

For more information about this project, please contact Lisa Quaranta.