Benson High School Addition

Location:Benson, MN
Contractor:Breitbach construction Company
Architect:ISG, Inc.
Engineer:Innovative Structural Solutions, P.A.
Owner:ISD #777

This $26 million construction and renovation project includes demolishing 112,000 square feet of existing space, building 55,000 square feet of new space and repurposing 23,000 square feet of existing space to better meet the educational needs of students.

Developed by a 45-member community task force, the plan includes demolishing the existing auditorium and junior high school addition, including sections that were built in 1928 and 1950, and building a new, 600-seat performing arts auditorium and half-dozen collaborative learning classrooms at the high school.

Classrooms and other spaces at the high school would be repurposed, including filling in the swimming pool and turning it into gym space. A new cafeteria/activity space and a new daycare center will be built at Northside Elementary school.

Wells erected and manufactured more than 30,000 sq. ft. of precast for the addition portion of this project.  The exterior fa├žade includes nearly 100 members of architectural insulated wall panels showcasing a combination of acid etch and waterwash finishes along with an added sandblast feature to the school logo.

For more information on this project, please contact Rick Girard.