The Benefits of a Precast Wall Panel System

When considering the best options for your building project, the benefits of going with a concrete wall panel system are many. Listed below are several important advantages.

Energy Efficiency–Precast walls are energy efficient due to a high thermal mass that enables materials to absorb and store temperatures at a more constant rate. With this system, it reduces the fluctuation of temperatures within the building.

Environmental Soundness–Since precast wall panels are manufactured in a production facility, the impact that these panels impose onsite is minimal. This helps reduce the space needed on a job site.

Aesthetically Pleasing–Precast wall panels can be customized to the architect’s or owner’s desire. Some architectural features that can be found in a wall panel system include bullnoses, reveals, chamfers, and a vast assortment of form liners.

Minimal Maintenance Needed–Maintenance may include occasional cleaning and possibly maintaining the caulk joints over several years. With a precast wall panel system, very little maintenance is needed over its life span.

Swiftness of Construction–Whether it be an interior or exterior wall panel system, these systems can be installed in a quick process without involving multiple trades.  By eliminating the use of other trades, a wall panel system can decrease the overall cost of the project.

There are several aspects to consider when building. Many advantages can be enjoyed by owners, architects, and engineers by choosing a concrete wall panel system.

Ryan Paulouski, Field Supervisor