Concrete vs. Cement

Often times you’ll hear the terms concrete and cement used interchangeably. Actually, cement is just one of the ingredients that are mixed together to make concrete. Concrete is the hard finished product that most people are talking about.


“An artificial stone like material used for various building purposes”cement1

The most basic concrete mix design includes water, cement, sand, and aggregates. The large aggregates produce most of the strength of concrete with the sand filling in the gaps between the large aggregates. The cement acts as a glue that holds it all together.


“A fine powder produced by grinding CLINKER and adding Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum)”cemement

Cement is a man-made product composed of Clinker and Gypsum. Clinker is a mixture of raw materials (Limestone, clay, shale, iron ore, and bauxite) that are heated to a temperature of 2,700oF. Once the clinker has been mixed and cooled, gypsum is added in and everything is ground to a fine powder. This powder is the cement.

So as you now know, concrete an
d cement are actually very different materials with much different physical properties.

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Jace Rossow