The hidden benefits of total precast buildings

Total precast concrete structures offer many benefits to both the design and construction process as well as the operation and longevity of the building. A total precast concrete building system combines all structural elements with architectural features and finishes to achieve almost any desired look.

Design and construction benefits:

  • Reduce the number of trades on site, eliminating potential schedule gaps and reducing the cost of crew & equipment mobilizations for each of the different trades.
  • Fewer details with interfacing materials will reduce the risk of fit problems caused by the differing installation tolerances of non-like materials.
  • Temporary bracing can be greatly reduced because the precast floor and roof members are erected simultaneously with the walls.
  • Precast stair systems are installed as the building goes up, eliminating the installation, removal, hassle and cost of temporary stair systems.
  • Because the precast components are installed as they arrive, virtually no storage or lay-down areas are needed, resulting in a cleaner and safer job site.
  • Windows can be pre-installed at the production facility.
  • Electrical items can be cast into the precast pieces eliminating exposed conduit.

Samaritan Bethany (Rochester, MN), Jackson Fire & Ambulance Station (Jackson, MN), Higher Ground (Minneapolis, MN)


Building operational benefits:

  • Speed to market: construction rates of one floor per week can easily be achieved.  Time from start of construction to first day of operation can be greatly reduced.
  • Precast offers some of the lowest sound transmission rates of any building material. Whether the space is residential, hospitality, or shared retail, the neighbor’s complaints about noise become a thing of the past.
  • Precast walls offer continuous insulation sandwiched between two layers of high strength concrete, reducing heat loss in the winter months and cooling loss in the summer.
  • Mold resistant structures.  Precast concrete offers no food source for mold to grow.
  • Precast concrete is noncombustible and is naturally heat and fire resistant. This, along with resistance to mold, can lead to greatly reduced insurance premiums when compared to other combustible building materials. Monthly insurance premiums can quickly exceed the perceived cost savings of lesser building materials.

Total precast systems deliver a complete and sound building structure and is the perfect fit for today’s Lean Construction methodology.

Gary Pooley
Regional Sales Manager – Twin Cities