Supporting Student Education

Supporting student eduction is an important part of Wells’ culture University outreach and student education is an important part of our culture at Wells Concrete.  For as long as I can remember we have hosted plant and jobsite tours to expose college students to precast concrete construction. More recently, Wells has gotten involved with the… Read more »

Wells Educates

We live in a rapidly changing world. It seems like every day there is something new and exciting, and while there are those who hate this trend, there are more out there who love it. I constantly get the question: What’s new at Wells Concrete? And I get the sense that they’d be disappointed if… Read more »

Training the Next Generation

Here at Wells, we believe the best experience is hands-on.  In keeping with that belief we have launched a new Engineer Development Program – or EDP.  It is a custom pathway for our newly hired, fresh out of college engineers to gain exposure to the nuts and bolts side of the precast industry.  The end… Read more »

Four Crane Booms in Booming Bloomington, Minnesota

This winter, Wells had two projects with a total of four cranes and four crews setting precast products simultaneously from all four of our plants: Albany, Wells, Rosemount and Grand Forks. These projects also required precast stairs from a company in Canada called CJ Pink and 16” plank from Molin Concrete.  At the peak, nearly… Read more »

The Benefits of Trusted Partnerships

Howdy partner, this is Cowboy Kev from the Wild Wells West where the girls carry six-shooters and the sheep run scared.  I’m here to let you know that one of the most powerful things to do within the construction industry is to figure out how to “Partner” and who to “Partner” with.  Now we aren’t… Read more »

Continuous Insulation – Is it just a myth?

Yes and No. With the ever-changing building codes and a desire to make all new buildings perform as well as possible, there is a push to figure out how to make envelopes both beautiful and thermally superior. However, oftentimes the drive for unique and innovative skin design makes it difficult for the thermal system to… Read more »

Smart Owners?

Everyone has had one… but what do you do when your Owner is smarter than you? **  Appreciate • Acknowledge • Accept • Apply • Absorb  ** The design of the new Broomfield Community Center – in a northern suburb of Denver, Colorado – began in early 2018.  I had the opportunity to employ what… Read more »

Student Housing and the Benefits of Precast

Speed: The use of precast concrete components facilitates a faster construction process, while also minimizing onsite material and labor costs. Durability: Precast concrete is a quick way to construct long-lasting and durable buildings that can withstand severe weather conditions no matter what region of the country you live in. Safety: With Student safety being a… Read more »

The Basics on Rigid Insulation

Over the years, you tend to get inquiries on what is bead board, what is Styrofoam, what is the blue stuff, what is the white stuff, is it XPS or EPS? How are they different? A few of the important terms you will hear when dealing with rigid insulation are: R-Value – The resistance to heat… Read more »

Total precast structures in the urban environment

Urban density has become increasingly more important in planning for municipalities across the country. Urban renewal and infill projects are at the forefront of the construction industry. Designers, now more than ever, are utilizing every square foot of a parcel to provide the most sustainable design and cost-effective solutions for the client. Historically, precast cladding… Read more »

SEE Program Update

In late 2017 Wells rolled out a Safety “best practice” that was originally pioneered by Clark Pacific, a California based precast company that had become an industry leader in worker safety. The Wells initiative was called the SEE Program, or Safety Enhancement Efforts Program. Its focus was simple; ask plant and field employees to look… Read more »