The hidden benefits of total precast buildings

Total precast concrete structures offer many benefits to both the design and construction process as well as the operation and longevity of the building. A total precast concrete building system combines all structural elements with architectural features and finishes to achieve almost any desired look. Design and construction benefits: Reduce the number of trades on… Read more »

Precast and the New OSHA Silica Rule

The Department of Labor has issued a rule reducing permissible exposure limit of respirable crystalline silica from 250 to 50 micrograms per cubic meter averaged over an eight hour work shift.  This rule goes into effect for OSHA enforcement in the construction industry on June 23, 2017. Complying with this rule will be a big… Read more »

“CarbonCast” High Performance Insulated Panels

What is it and what are the benefits? Wall panels are composed of two concrete wythes separated by continuous insulation (ci) and connected by “C-GRID” shear trusses. “C-GRID” carbon fiber shear trusses are low in thermal conductivity. Panels are energy efficient and light weight. With the exceptional bonding and strength of carbon fiber trusses less… Read more »

The Election is over…now what?

We don’t really know what to expect. President-elect Trump, more than any other national politician (at least in modern times) is much less predictable regarding what his actual governing policies will be.  This is due in part to having no political track record for us to examine, but also in part because he appears to… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Negotiate with the Precast Manufacturer

  Design Assistance: Many times the precast design can be quite challenging to the architect and engineer but if a precaster is brought on early, they can greatly help and assist in this and answer any and all questions that arise. Schedule Improvement: This will not only help the precast schedule – as production space… Read more »

A sneak peak at Wells’ new mock-up building, featuring Integrity Windows

       I’m proud to announce that Wells Concrete’s marketing efforts are available for your viewing pleasure at the Grand Forks, Albany, and Rosemount Sites after the New Year! The displays are a fully enclosed mock up building that is comprised of eight unique wall panels that illustrate unique architectural finishes such as thin brick, acid… Read more »

Precast in Parking Structures

Precast concrete is the perfect solution for parking structures. We can design, supply and install the entire structure from the foundation up, providing the large structural components as well as virtually any level of architectural detail an owner or architect could want. With the ability to provide complex architectural finishes, we can provide a look… Read more »

Voice of Customer and QA/QC

Wells Concrete recently resurrected our client survey process and we need your help!  We will be selecting certain projects as they become completed and would like you to voice your experiences as to what went well and not so well. This VOC (voice of the customer) gives us feedback on where we need to improve;… Read more »

Concrete vs. Cement

Often times you’ll hear the terms concrete and cement used interchangeably. Actually, cement is just one of the ingredients that are mixed together to make concrete. Concrete is the hard finished product that most people are talking about. Concrete “An artificial stone like material used for various building purposes” The most basic concrete mix design… Read more »

Wells and the PCI Foundation… What are we doing together?

In 2014, Wells Concrete wanted to sponsor a PCI Design Studio at Minnesota State University Mankato (MSUM) in collaboration with the PCI Foundation. This goal took a lot of work on the front end; we had to develop a curriculum, goals, and a business plan. The staff at the University put together an excellent proposal… Read more »

How Does Precast Get its Color?

I am often asked how the surface treatment of the precast panel will affect the color and what are our “standard” colors?  This is not as simple of an answer to give as one might think and the first step is to understand what makes up the color. Cement—White or grey and /or mixed in… Read more »

Strong All Winter Long!

In the winter many building contractors slow down, but at Wells we keep building strong all winter long! Traditional Upper Midwest construction companies need to do the majority of their work during the warmer eight months of the year.  The frost in the ground makes it difficult to install footings and conduct work outside efficiently… Read more »