Strong All Winter Long!

wadena-setting-dtIn the winter many building contractors slow down, but at Wells we keep building strong all winter long!

Traditional Upper Midwest construction companies need to do the majority of their work during the warmer eight months of the year.  The frost in the ground makes it difficult to install footings and conduct work outside efficiently from December until the spring thaw.

Wells construction crews are suited to build precast buildings all year long.  When the ground freezes we have less trouble with our large cranes and heavy trucking equipment getting stuck in the mud.  Before the ground freezes contractors can install below frost spread footings with a concrete stem wall.  They can then back-fill the stem wall to top of footing and let the site wait for precast.  Frost blankets are often put over the footings to keep the snow off and the frost from going too deep.  Another benefit of a precast concrete wall panel system is that our product is produced and cured in a quality controlled environment during the cold winter months.  When all the panels are poured and finished, Wells will mobilize to the prepared site.  The footings that were poured in late November are cleared of snow and blankets and we start standing wall panels despite the winter conditions.

Weather proof construction… just another of advantage of Wells Concrete!

Jesse Hiller
Vice President – Erection/Field Services