The question is…

So the question is, knowing no two days are identical, what makes a great day in your life? Is your great day a chronological list day? Does it include sore, achy muscles from a job well done? Is it something simple, like a smile from a coworker you helped? Or perhaps seeing the final product of a day’s worth of concentrated effort from you and your team? We each have our own motivations, job duties, burdens, and visions along with our knowledge, experiences, and past baggage. So the challenge is, list out what makes a great day in your world and leave that baggage behind.

Some thoughts for your list?

  • I know it’s going to be a great day when I wake up.
  • I wake up my children for the day and get a sleepy “Good morning dad”.
  • I get up early, have breakfast and play with my dogs for a few minutes.
  • I have a morning workout at the gym.
  • I spend time with the scriptures.
  • I have an easy commute to work.
  • Someone will genuinely tell me they appreciate what I do and are thankful for the service I provide. This can apply at home, at work, or in the community.
  • Helping co-workers find traction and great meaning in their work.
  • Learning new skills at work
  • Connecting with my children and learning what they are doing.
  • A chance to do some yard work.
  • Time in the man-cave watching sports or cranking up the 70’s tunes.
  • Staying in touch with friends on social media.
  • Spending time with your extended family
  • An hour or two of evening downtime.

You have the power to turn a bad day into a great one by making conscious decisions to do so. Focus on the good instead of the bad, and simple pleasures can turn your day around. My great day is a mystery of what is to come in the hours and days ahead.

“I am convinced that life is ten per cent what happens to me and ninety per cent how I react to it.”

-Charles Swindoll

Rick Ostgard
Sales – Twin Cities