Top 10 Reasons to Use Precast Walls

Top 10 reasons to use precast walls for your next project:

  • Precast concrete insulated walls provide energy benefits that can exceed the benefits of mass or insulation used alone in the varying climate conditions we see in the upper Midwest regions.
  • Precast concrete walls act as thermal storage to delay and reduce peak thermal loads.
  • Precast concrete insulated wall panels used as an interior surface can save time and money by eliminating the need for separate stud framing and drywall costs.
  • Precast concrete wall panels can be used as load bearing structures and will save costs by eliminating the need for an additional structural framing system.
  • Precast concrete walls can be designed to be reused for future building expansions.
  • Precast concrete’s durability creates a low maintenance structure, which stands up to harsh climate conditions.
  • Precast concrete colors and finishes can be achieved through the use of various aggregates, cements, pigments and finishing techniques.
  • Precast concrete wall panels can utilize a thin brick veneer that can achieve a traditional appearing facade.
  • Precast concrete walls can be produced with textures including formliner shapes, artwork, and lettering to provide distinctive accent treatments.
  • Precast concrete wall panels can have electrical boxes and conduit cast into the panels, to provide flush electrical fixtures on walls that are not to be framed out.


Rick Hodek
Sales – North Dakota