Voice of Customer and QA/QC

Wells Concrete recently resurrected our client survey process and we need your help!  We will be selecting certain projects as they become completed and would like you to voice your experiences as to what went well and not so well. This VOC (voice of the customer) gives us feedback on where we need to improve; we then take that information and do a Root Cause Analysis to see how we can improve the process that was unpleasant for you, the customer.  We conduct interviews, compile data, and then use a SIPOC-R (supplier/inputs/process/outputs/customer/requirements) approach to get to the root cause and correct the problem you had. Once we have figured out the solution, we then incorporate it into our internal process flow map so we never deviate back to a (potentially) problematic way of doing things. This entire process guarantees the best solution is reached, and provides sustainability to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes on your next project.


Wells Concrete is committed to being your premier builder for all of your prestess/precast needs. We look forward to your feedback and ongoing partnership in future projects.


Steve Kloos

Vice President of Quality