What is Continuous Insulation?

I realize continuous insulation may have been briefly discussed in prior blogs, but it is a frustrating topic that needs continuous education and discussion. This topic reminds me of an analogy from Mr. Rick Ostgard explaining the concept by using a winter coat scenario.

One coat has only strips of insulation, compared to another coat with continuous insulation throughout. 

The summer analogy compares applying sunscreen in strips, compared to continuous sunscreen application. 

In the end, it’s your choice. Do you want to wear a partially insulated coat when it is -10 degrees outside? Do you apply strips of sunscreen for protection from the sun? It seems the construction world is more concerned with the price of wall systems versus what high performance wall systems really are and what they can accomplish. It is up to you to learn about the wall system you want on your next project, but we hope this illustration has helped you understand the concept a little better.

Spencer Kubat
Vice President – Sales/Marketing 

*Original analogy courtesy of Rick Ostgard