Burleigh County Shop – Bismarck, ND


 Location: Bismarck, ND
General Contractor:  Capital City Construction Inc.
 Architect:  ülb design group
Structural Engineer: CWSTRUCTURAL Engineers

 Description: When Burleigh County decided to move forward with their new County Shop 52,000-sq. ft. building to replace their aging existing structure, precast quickly became the system of choice. As the design team worked through the overall aesthetics of this project, they called upon Wells Concrete to help assemble a cost-effective yet visually appealing finish.

The end result was a combination of sandblasted and water washed exterior wall panel finish utilizing one mix design to achieve the aesthetic contrast. The design team created an inviting entrance utilizing a combination of sandblasted precast columns along with water washed horizontal precast spandrel panels.


Wells Concrete produced and delivered the following precast members:

161 Panels 21 Panels 37 Panels 36 panels 9 Panels
41,000 square feet of insulated panels in sandblast and water wash finish 3,000 square feet of non-insulated panels in sandblast and water wash finish 8,600 square feet of non-insulated grey structural panels 300 lineal feet of precast sills 200 lineal feet of precast columns in sandblast finish

Installed by: Capital City Construction