Carver Elementary

Location:Maplewood, MN
Contractor:Adolfson & Peterson Construction Inc.
Engineer:Sandman Structural Engineers
Owner: ISD 622 N St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Public Schools

Carver Elementary School was originally built in 1958, Wells is currently working on the addition and renovation for the most recent update of the Pre-K – 12 facility.

The current project will replace the academic wing with a three-story wing that will accommodate a larger student population, while placing emphasis on the student/teaching experience. The new construction area also includes special education rooms, STEM classrooms, music rooms, administration, staff and student toilets, secure entry provisions and the new cafeteria/food services areas. The existing courtyard is to be infilled providing support spaces for the adjacent functions of the building. In addition to creating flexible functional teaching spaces on the interior, the project emphasizes improving the exterior face of the building.

Wells manufactured and is now and erecting more than 100 members of precast concrete for this school project.  The exterior façade includes architectural insulated walls with an acid etch finish, while hollowcore plank and solid wall panels complete the construction inside the facility. Using insulated wall panels and hollowcore provides maximize interior floor space by offering an efficient, thin cross-section that maximizes interior floor space while minimizing the footprint.

For more information on this project, please contact Bob Geil.