Central Park Commons





Eagan, MN
General Contractor:
Weis Builders
RSP Architects
Clark Engineers


In the spring of 2015, CSM Development began planning to redevelop the vacant 50-acre Lockheed-Martin corporate office site in Eagan, MN. The idea was to build an upscale, unique and pedestrian friendly shopping designation that would include restaurants, grocery, medical offices and banking. The goal was to create a different shopping experience that would have an inward village atmosphere with streets, walkways and ponds. The architecture would fashion individual stores to communicate entrances with an emphasis on quality brick and stone materials.

Several months earlier, CSM’s project manager, Dan Ullom noticed a local retail building under construction that utilized the Wells Concrete architectural precast insulated wall panels with a thin brick masonry veneer. He was impressed with the speed of construction and the undistinguishable appearance to a conventional brick masonry wall. Dan contacted the Wells Concrete sales department and requested a Box-Lunch presentation on architectural precast insulated wall panels. From the Box-Lunch presentation, there were subsequent meetings with the CSM’s team discussing the benefits of an architectural precast insulated wall system for their large retail project. In the end, CSM chose to implement the Wells Concrete architectural precast insulated wall system into the multi-building design because of our high quality brick and architectural concrete finishes, competitive pricing, and our fast-track design build approach, which greatly improved the over-all project schedule.

Once Wells Concrete was brought on board as a partner in the design and construction of the Central Park Commons retail project, our engineering and project management team began meeting weekly with CSM’s architects and engineers to expedite the design and shop drawing process in order to meet the aggressive construction schedule.

Over the last 6 months, Wells Concrete has manufactured, delivered and installed approximately 600 pieces, 150,000 square feet of architectural precast insulated wall panels at the Central Park Commons site. Stores are scheduled to begin opening in the fall of 2016.

Written by Bob Geil


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Drone Footage, courtesy of CSM!

Thanks CSM for the great footage of this project! We excitedly await the first openings in the next six weeks.

A look at which buildings Wells Concrete provided precast concrete for:


Centerpoint Parkade


Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB
General Contractor:
Nova-Con Projects Ltd.
Crosier Kilgour & Partners LTD
310 Donald Inc.
Precast Products:
Spandrels, Double Tees, Wall Panels, Beams, Columns


Wells Concrete collaborated early on with the design and construction team, all located in Winnipeg MB, prior to selection for insight on the architectural aspects of the precast.

Centrepoint Parkade is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. With just over 400 stalls in five levels of parking it supports the new office/hotel tower, The Glass House Apartments, and Winnipeg Jets hockey. The total precast structure boasts over 500 pieces of precast prestressed concrete in 130,000 square feet of double tees with a unique gray acid etch spandrel on two elevations. Production began in early 2014 in Wells Concrete’s Grand Forks and Albany plants.

CentrepointParkade.2015#2461.Winnipeg,MB.  CentrepointParkade.2015#2461.Winnipeg,MB.  131004- 311 Portage  1.jpg  CentrepointParkade.2015#2461.Winnipeg,MB.  CentrepointParkade.2015#2461.Winnipeg,MB.

Richfield Honda


Richfield, MN
General Contractor:
Reiner Construction
Architectural Alliance
Shirk & O’Donovan Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Woods Automotive Group
Precast Products:
Beams, Columns, Double Tee, Insulated Wall Panel


Time-Lapses Project Video


This total precast project is extremely unique and therefore dubbed the ‘jewelry box’ on 494 as it feature a two-story ‘display case’ for eight cars visible from the freeway.

Construction of the new 100,000 sq. ft. RB Honda dealership began in June 2014 with Reiner Construction (Columbus, OH); Architectural Alliance (Columbus, OH) on the design side; and Shirk & O’Donovan Consulting Engineers (Worthington, OH).  Wells Concrete produced and installed architectural and structural precast product for the facility.

The design allows the dealership to prominently display four cars on the second floor and four more on the third floor as well as service parking on the roof for as many as 130 cars. The new building was built on an adjacent site, where RB Honda bought a trio of buildings formerly occupied by LaMettry’s Auto Body, USA Baby and Tires Plus.  Tom Wood Automotive Group also built a 26,200-square-foot facility for Richfield Bloomington Mitsubishi on part of the current RB Honda site.  The total construction costs for the new Honda and Mitsubishi stores to approximately $27 million.


Product # of pieces Linear Ft Square Ft # of pours
Colums 52 1,730 27
Beams 53 1,284 25
DT’s 197 10,430 82,700 54
Insul Sandblast Walls 238 6,445 52,440 61
Solid Walls 63 2,180 17,540 20
Flat Slabs 62 1,420 13,000 13



HondaRichfield.2014#6059.Bloomington.MN  HondaRichfield.2014#6059.Bloomington.MN  HondaRichfield.2014#6059.Bloomington.MN  HondaRichfield.2014#6059.Bloomington.MN

Red River High School Performance Hall – Grand Forks, ND

Grand Forks, ND
General Contractor:
Gast Construction Company
EAPC – Grand Forks, ND
Grand Forks School District
Precast Products:
Wall Panels


Grand Forks Red River High School’s new $9.4 million 33,000 sf performing arts facility includes a 700 seat auditorium with back-of-house support spaces, event lobby, orchestra rehearsal room, 12 practice studios, storage area, a digital music composition lab, and an independent stage lift for performances and set erection.

Precast wall panels from Wells Concrete comprise the shell structure of the theater and fly tower with respective elevations of 44′ and 67′ above the main slab on grade floor elevations. The NW and SW corners of the precast theater structure have a substantial portion of their sections ‘cut out’ to form an inverted L-shape giving the illusion of a suspended sofit. The “cut outs’ combined with tall walls create a high wind shear condition that pushed the limits of precast panel to panel connection design. The west, lower precast wall is out-of-plane with the upper wall panels by sixteen inches.  The 25′ tall by 47′ wide stage opening below the fly tower is created by an 8′ deep precast header panel.

This project received the AIA North Dakota 2014 Honor Award.

Key Features:

  • Custom designed precast wall panel face in the “house”
  • Basement Storage under stage floor
  • Extensive acoustical sound treatments in “house” and throughout

Wells Concrete produced and delivered the following precast members:

  • 10″ Solid FS Wall Panels       5,224 square feet of panels in steel toweled finish
  • 8″ Solid FS Wall Panels         7,553 square feet of non-insulated panels in sandblasted form liner finish
  • 8″ Solid FS Wall Panels         16,046 square feet of non-insulated grey structural panels


Red River Award 1 Red River Award 2 Red River Award-plaque RedRiverPerformHall.2011.#2303.Grand Forks.ND7

United South Central – Wells, MN

USC School

Wells, MN
General Contractor:
Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.
ULS Engineers
USC Public School District ISD 2134


A new United South Central School in Wells, Minn., just west of Albert Lea was completed in September 2014. The 155,000-square-foot pre K-12 school replaces the former school, portions of which were originally built in 1933.

Construction on the $28.8 million school began in May 2013 and is located on a 66-acre site featuring a bus garage and athletic facilities, including practice fields, a track, a football stadium, baseball and softball fields, a playground and tennis courts. The K-12 school will serve approximately 625 students.

The new school is a total precast project, architects had designed the school to only include precast for the walls, but Wells was able to come in at the same price as steel, which convinced the architects to change their drawings.

Wells Concrete placed 722 pieces including:

  • Insulated wall panels     86,421 SF
  • Solid wall panels           4,220 SF
  • Columns                       1,247 LF
  • Beams                          1,098 LF
  • 42”double tees              26,984 SF
  • 32”double tees              57,524 SF
  • 24”double tees              67,358 SF
  • 20”double tees              675 SF
  • Hollow core                  14,000 SF

All screed side finish was hard trowel finish exposed to view.

The school houses two gyms, a high school gym with two regulation basketball courts and an elementary gym with one regulation basketball court. There is also a precast concrete etching of the school’s team name, the Rebels, and Mascot in the high school gym placed by Wells.

The new school includes a large commons area bordered on the right by 45 classrooms and on the left by gyms, shops, music rooms and the auditorium. Students eat in the common area, and concessions are sold there during sporting events.  To display the rough cut and beautiful side of a total precast project, the School’s commons area shows exposed aggregate and exposed columns beams tees.

The classrooms are for students in kindergarten through grade 12. The early education hall has bright colors painted by each group of classroom doors to help students find their classes easier. The interiors of the classrooms were also colorful, both with decorations and wall paint.

There is also a large auditorium that seats a maximum capacity of 602, with floor and balcony seating. In addition to the other new things at the school, there is a weight room that will have public access, and a computer-aided design lab for students. Wells also placed a 63,000 lb. spandrel with the school name cast in for a beautiful display for those that enter the school.

Another great feature of the new school is part of the Metrodome will live in the new football stadium, which will use seats from the former home of the Vikings and Twins. The district built the new facility following the passage of a referendum by taxpayers to fund the construction. But with a tight budget, local businesses chipped in to give the stadium a bit of extra special flair with the purchase of 840 Metrodome seats for $40 each. Wells Concrete was one of the business that contributed to the football stadium by donating the precast structure.

The United South Central School District currently serves the cities of Wells, Kiester, Bricelyn, Easton, Freeborn and Walters, Minn.

10-20 016
10-20 020 Rebel Wall20140820_164209_resized 20140820_164408_resized

Skye at Arbor Lakes Phase II


Location: Maple Grove, MN
General Contractor: Stonebridge Construction Inc.
Architect: Humphrey’s Partners Architects Florida LLC
Structural Engineer: Humphrey’s Partners Architects LLC

Description:  Located in Maple Grove, Sky at Arbor Lakes consists of a rectangular, total precast concrete parking structure which is completely surrounded by a wood-framed, four-story apartment complex. This style of building is called the Texas donut, and works well to keep the parking structure temperature controlled, and adds convenience through the tenants’ ability to park on the same floor as their apartment. The parking ramp has a capacity of 460 cars, with one subterranean level and four levels of supported parking, plus a roof.

The precast concrete ramp was built first on a cast-in-place concrete foundation. Precast components included 20 beams, 6 columns, 220 double tees, 2 solid slabs, 2 spandrels, 16 stairs, 14 stitch walls, 165 wall panels, and 10 planks. The double tees span 60 feet, and strand and rebar reinforcement in the precast concrete utilize recycled steel. The perimeter walls of the garage are 10-inch solid precast concrete panels that, along with a one- to two-inch gap between the precast and the stick framing of apartments, meets the fire separation requirements.


Apartment developments in Minnesota are commonly built with a single level of underground parking below three-to-five levels of stick-framed apartments. When you return from shopping you have to take your groceries to an elevator and then up to the level of your apartment. At the Skye at Arbor Lakes, you can park on the same level as your apartment.

Gary Pooley of Wells Concrete


Water Resource Recovery Facility – Williston, ND

Location: Williston, ND
General Contractor: Rice Lake Construction Group
Architect: Hulsing & Associates
Structural Engineer: AE2S


Description: A $105 million water treatment plant project scheduled for September 2017 completion. Wells Concrete provided the precast for eight separate buildings, which included insulated architectural walls with a sandblast finish; double tees for the roof where possible. The entire project consisted of approximately 392 pieces of precast; the precast fabrication took place throughout 2015.

This will be one of the first treatment plants in North Dakota to remove biological nutrients from wastewater. This entails getting rid of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, which can hurt water quality.

 WaterResourceRecoveryFacility02  WaterResourceRecoveryFacility03  WaterResourceRecoveryFacility04


Dave Tuan, director of Public Works, called the Water Resources Facility “one of the most technologically advanced treatment plants in the Midwest,” and included that it would serve, initially, a population of around 60,000. In time, the 11-acre facility will be able to handle a population of 125,000, according to Jason Benson, a project manager for Grand Forks-based Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

It’s an exciting day here in Williston. …This plant will serve Williston’s needs in the years to come. We won’t have to worry anymore. It’s a huge burden off the city.

-Howard Klug, Mayor of Williston


Cardiovascular Systems Inc. – New Brighton, MN


Location: New Brighton, MN
General Contractor: Ryan Companies
Architect: Mohagen Hansen Architectural Group
Structural Engineer: Advanced Structural Technologies, Inc.

The development of the Cardiovascular Headquarter project involved months of negotiations and hurdles as the property for this project required considerable land-use approvals and redevelopment agreements with associated costs in public improvements and environmental remediation. The city agreed to pay a share of the costs and contributing some TIF financing in the sale of the land to Cardiovascular. The selected property is called the New Brighton Exchange, which is a ten acre plot located in the northeast quadrant of Highway 694 and Old Highway 8 in New Brighton, MN.

CSI.4CSI.2CSI.1The 125,000 sq. ft. building will include office and research and development space. Ryan was originally set to build, own and lease the headquarters, but plans changed for Cardiovascular stepping in to buy the land and own their building retaining Ryan as the General Contractor. The plans were also originally developed with 8-foot wide precast panels; Wells Concrete provided an alternative to the design, which included a 12-foot wide panel. By increasing the panel width, the project gained efficiency in production; in the installation process with less number of panels to transport and handle for setting; and few joints to caulk. The panel layout modifications offered a more economical precast scope.

An architecturally finished precast panel was also embraced in lieu of gray panels (initially specified to be painted) with two different mix designs in three different textures. The modification offers distinction between the main entrances and main building. The main entrances will feature white-colored panels with a sandblast finish while the main building will boast charcoal-colored finish with a combination of sandblast and water-wash with reveals within the water-wash areas in acid-etch.

Original Mock-Up

Original Mock-Up

Penn and American – Bloomington, MN

Penn and American.2

Owner: United Properties
Contractor: RJM Construction
Architect: Elness Swenson Graham Architects Inc
Engineer: Ericksen Roed and Associates

Description: Located at the South East Corner of Penn Avenue and American Boulevard, this new mixed use development will enhance this already bustling area of Bloomington, MN. A total precast system using precast foundation wall, columns, beams, double tees, hollow-core plank and stair / elevator shaft walls was selected to create the first and second level podiums. The system allows for both subterranean parking below the precast deck and grade parking on top of the precast deck. The East end of the podium supports a 28,600 square foot grocery store operated by Fresh Thyme. The West end supports a retail space occupied in part by Red Robin Restaurant. Hilton Home2 will operate a 107 room, four-story 68,000 square foot hotel above the restaurant space. This serves as a great example of how precast can be utilized to create a structure that can transition from heated space to unheated parking while providing support for the upper levels. The businesses are expected to open in late 2015 and early 2016.

For more more information about this project, contact Gary Pooley, Sales Manager.

PennandAmerican326x410 DSC_0609In the news…

Burleigh County Shop – Bismarck, ND


 Location: Bismarck, ND
General Contractor:  Capital City Construction Inc.
 Architect:  ülb design group
Structural Engineer: CWSTRUCTURAL Engineers

 Description: When Burleigh County decided to move forward with their new County Shop 52,000-sq. ft. building to replace their aging existing structure, precast quickly became the system of choice. As the design team worked through the overall aesthetics of this project, they called upon Wells Concrete to help assemble a cost-effective yet visually appealing finish.

The end result was a combination of sandblasted and water washed exterior wall panel finish utilizing one mix design to achieve the aesthetic contrast. The design team created an inviting entrance utilizing a combination of sandblasted precast columns along with water washed horizontal precast spandrel panels.


Wells Concrete produced and delivered the following precast members:

161 Panels 21 Panels 37 Panels 36 panels 9 Panels
41,000 square feet of insulated panels in sandblast and water wash finish 3,000 square feet of non-insulated panels in sandblast and water wash finish 8,600 square feet of non-insulated grey structural panels 300 lineal feet of precast sills 200 lineal feet of precast columns in sandblast finish

Installed by: Capital City Construction

Home of Economy – Minot, ND

Home of Economy - Minot, NDOwner:                        Home of Economy, Inc.

General Contractor: Innes Construction Co., Inc.

Architect/Engineer: Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN)


When Home of Economy moved into Minot, ND to better accommodate the growth in western North Dakota they needed a FASTTRACK building type that could accommodate a faster construction schedule. Home of Economy was also interested in increasing the square footage of the new store to expand the products offerings. WSN in Grand Forks, ND collaborated with Wells Concrete for the structural system design of the 60,000 square foot building to determine if precast was a feasible option given the budget and building project goals Home of Economy established. In the end, the project included 25,500 square feet of precast wall panels that Home of Economy was able to boast a redesign and update to the store front.

The precast concrete structural system offered the benefit of economies in the construction schedule which aided the owner-driven deadline to revenue generation by the holiday season. Wells Concrete was under contract in Mid-March, 2012 and began installation on May 29, 2012; Home of Economy held a soft grand opening taking place on October 3, 2013.

While this project does not meet any LEED requirements there was a baseline expectation to maintain energy efficiency in overall operations. The lighting and heating was controlled by checks and balances in energy consumption. Additionally, the interior of the structure was left as a painted precast finish providing a more durable interior. The exterior featured a carefully selected colored aggregate/colored concrete architectural mix that met the aesthetic needs of Home of Economy and will be virtually maintenance-free over the long run.