NEW Screen Wall at Albany Plant

In January 2017, Wells Concrete began offering tours of our Mock-up Sample Buildings – built specifically to showcase the many different finishes and features Wells has to offer the construction community. With more than 800 people visiting these buildings, it’s safe to say the Mock-up Building has been a great success.

Our clients have been very gracious in providing feedback through our after-tour survey. The majority of our feedback has been in regards to the benefits of having a variety of finishes and features on display right next to one another makes it much easier for our clients to see and compare them. Most of the time you would need to travel around the metro and look at various different projects to view the assortment of finishes and features that Wells now has on display in one, single location through the Mock-up Buildings. In addition to helping contractors and architects visualize a project, it has the potential to help owners make a more resolute decision on how they want their building to look.

To expand on this already successful effort, we built an “L” shaped Screen Wall that is displayed next to our Mock-up Sample Building in Albany, MN.  The Screen Wall has 40’ and 50’ wings with 14’ tall panels. In addition, it showcases some of our newer finishes and features that we are offering to our clients, including:

  • Four panels boast graphic paper finishes from Graphic Concrete
    • Two panels incorporate supplied patterns: Caleidoscope, Crumple, Vertices, and Vertices Negative
    • One panel utilizes a photo that Graphic Concrete turned into a printable image
    • One panel has Wells’ own custom design printed on it
  • Three panels are made to show off a new simulated natural stone, including limestone and travertine
  • One panel demonstrates cast-on Terra Cotta
  • Two panels showcase our new light-weight wall panel options – Slenderwall and IES; both include a factory installed Empirehouse windows. The windows have anodized aluminum frames, typically used for low rise building capacity and are 8’x6’ on a panel that will be rotated after the windows are installed.

We invite you to take a tour to learn more about all that is possible with precast.