Covid-19 Update from Wells

Over the past several weeks, there have continued to be new developments surrounding the Coronavirus and we want to provide a brief update on how Wells is addressing them. Specifically, the Governors in both states of Colorado and Minnesota have issued variations of stay-at-home mandates, which have similar implications for us at Wells.

Construction in general has been deemed an essential function by the Association of General Contractors and its interpretation of federal guidance issued by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

As a critical component of the construction industry, Wells is adhering to this exemption and keeping our business open at this time.

As it relates to employees specifically, Wells has tried to consider all facets of the issue from minimizing immediate threats of exposure, to ensuring their financial security by protecting long-term employment. Wells does not qualify for government subsidies, etc. and simply cannot shut down indefinitely, pay full salaries with benefits and ensure the ability to reopen when everything subsides. Thus, as a company, we are finding our own balance.

Wells has researched best practices from general contractors, other precast providers and other non-precast subcontractors across the country to develop the policy currently in place. Wells believes in the policies the company has implemented and the ability to strike the balance of your health concerns and financial security. The fundamentals of our efforts are as follows:

1) Those employees whose roles allow them to work at home will continue to do so. Additionally, we are working with our IT department to increase the number of positions we can accommodate working from home.

2) For those employees who do not feel safe coming to work, they can stay home without fear of disciplinary implications. Additionally, Wells is being as flexible as we can with PTO rules, etc.

3) Should anyone have medical or health department directives to stay home, Wells has a short-term disability policy.

4) Wells is continuing to improve practices in support of social distancing within our facilities. This is a challenge for our kind of work, but something we continue working on.

These are definitely challenging times, but please know that Wells is addressing the issues at hand to the best of our abilities. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly.

Dan Juntunen, President / CEO

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