Erik Ramstad Middle School – ultimate fast-track project example

A great example for meeting the needs of an ultimate fast-track project with a 16-month construction cycle from groundbreaking to opening.


The Erik Ramstad Middle School was a high priority project to get student services back to normal levels after the devastating floods of 2011. The 128,000 sq. foot project received support funding from recovery partners including the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the State of North Dakota. Finding a fast track approach to open a replacement facility for the one destroyed by the flood was a key element. The school was fully enclosed in roughly 65 working days. The ultimate fast-track goals were met with a 16 month construction cycle from groundbreaking to opening for students.

Uses of the precast elements were instrumental in addressing the fast construction schedule. Of course, the precast wall and roof panels provide extreme performance capabilities in energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance, and strength. For more information, click here.