Graco doubling size of its plant and training center in Rogers, MN

Location:Rogers, MN
Contractor: Mortenson Construction
Architect:RSP Architects
Engineer: ERA


Graco Inc. will more than double the size of the company’s David A. Koch Center in Rogers to create the largest construction project in the city’s history.  The project will expand manufacturing and training, as well as creating better space to connect with customers and product distributors.  The plan is expected to cost roughly $73 million and calls for adding 480,000 square feet to Graco’s existing 316,000 square foot building. The current site houses manufacturing, office and product development operations.

Construction began in late 2018 and will finish by the end of 2019. Graco would complete the renovation in two phases to ensure operations aren’t interrupted during construction. The current facility, built in 1996, spans partially across two parcels, both of which Graco owns. The renovation plan would combine the two parcels into a single, 29.95-acre parcel. About 84 new workers will be hired for the site over four years. There are more than 450 workers at the current center.

Minneapolis-based Graco is known for making auto paint sprayers, industrial pumping systems used by food giants and foam sprayers regularly used to insulate homes and offices.  Graco’s Minneapolis headquarters is in Northeast Minneapolis. The company was founded in the 1920s and has more than 1,500 employees in Minnesota, including about 800 at the headquarters.

Wells is currently manufacturing and erecting more than 80,000 sq. ft. of precast for this new expansion.  Both insulated and solid wall panels are used on the exterior of the building.  The architectural wall panels are boast a sandblast finish, with form finish reveals and accent panels that showcase a water wash finish and a complementary reveal. 

Precast concrete builds savings for manufacturing facilities as the precast concrete structural and envelop systems meet the demands of facilities by providing cost-effective bay spacing, fire resistance, and durable, low-maintenance building envelopes. 

ProductSquare Feet#
Architectural Insulated Wall66,058182
Architectural Solid Wall3,15880
Structural Solid Wall13,18140

For more information about this project, contact Rick Ostgard or Scott Gates.