Hancock Public Schools Addition

Location:Hancock, MN
Contractor:Tradesmen Construction
Owner:Hancock Public Schools ISD 768

The $7.9 million addition includes a two-story section with new classrooms and expanded agriculture and shop work areas and updated science, technology, engineering and math areas. Two fitness classrooms will be added on the opposite side of the building near the high school gym. Those classrooms will include weight lifting and exercise equipment. 

More than 30,000 sq. ft. of precast was produced and erected for this school addition.  Precast members such as hollowcore plank, beam and columns support the interior, while wall panels frame the exterior facade. The walls are lifted from a semi-trailer bed with a 165-ton crane and placed into the proper spot for building. Nearly 80 architectural insulated wall panels were produced and erected for the addition, the panels showcased a unique mix of thin brick, sandblast and waterwash finishes.  Wells was also part of the original build in 2013.

This video provide a demonstration of the wall panels being erected

ProductsSquare Feet#
Arch Insulated Wall14,39979
Beam Inverted T2283
Beam Ledge491
Column Stick1405
Double Tee13,56630

For more information on this project, please contact Rick Ostgard.