Home of Economy – Minot, ND

Home of Economy - Minot, NDOwner:                        Home of Economy, Inc.

General Contractor: Innes Construction Co., Inc.

Architect/Engineer: Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN)


When Home of Economy moved into Minot, ND to better accommodate the growth in western North Dakota they needed a FASTTRACK building type that could accommodate a faster construction schedule. Home of Economy was also interested in increasing the square footage of the new store to expand the products offerings. WSN in Grand Forks, ND collaborated with Wells Concrete for the structural system design of the 60,000 square foot building to determine if precast was a feasible option given the budget and building project goals Home of Economy established. In the end, the project included 25,500 square feet of precast wall panels that Home of Economy was able to boast a redesign and update to the store front.

The precast concrete structural system offered the benefit of economies in the construction schedule which aided the owner-driven deadline to revenue generation by the holiday season. Wells Concrete was under contract in Mid-March, 2012 and began installation on May 29, 2012; Home of Economy held a soft grand opening taking place on October 3, 2013.

While this project does not meet any LEED requirements there was a baseline expectation to maintain energy efficiency in overall operations. The lighting and heating was controlled by checks and balances in energy consumption. Additionally, the interior of the structure was left as a painted precast finish providing a more durable interior. The exterior featured a carefully selected colored aggregate/colored concrete architectural mix that met the aesthetic needs of Home of Economy and will be virtually maintenance-free over the long run.