Last Pour Completed for Vikings Stadium

Production of the stadia begun on May 20th, 2014; the last pour was made on October 2, 2015. The total number of stadia produced in Plant 1 was 3,187 pieces. The current total piece count for the Vikings Stadium is 5,229 pieces. I want to note that the photo of the final crew is leaving out a number of other employees, including the 2nd riser crew, patch plant crew, stripping crew, patching and yarding crews that have had a hand in the stadia production. Overall it has been an all-plant effort to complete this project.


Front Row – Left to right: Rafael Garay (Lead Man), Mike Sabraski Sr. (laborer), Mike Sabraski Jr. (Assistant Production Manager) Abe Wallace (Lead Man), Larry Floyd (laborer), James Domah (laborer), Matt Woolhouse (Plant 1 Supervisor)

Back Row – Left to right: Ricardo Esparza-Otias (laborer), Max Plachecki (laborer), Ken Maloney (Laborer)

A big thank you to both Kare 11 and Channel 12 News for covering this event for us.

Channel 12 News covered the final pour in their Business Matters roundup.

And Kare11 News covered the story as well! Click here to view their segment.