MNANG Readiness Center in Arden Hills, MN is taking shape with precast concrete

Location:Arden Hills, MN
Contractor:Stahl Construction
Architect/Engineer:Leo A. Daly Architecture
Owner:MN Army National Guard

The State of Minnesota Department of Military Affairs is constructing a new 135,000-square-foot Readiness Center in Arden Hills, MN. Construction of the $37,872,000 Division Headquarters Building, as a part of the greater Arden Hills Army Training Site (AHATS), commenced earthwork and utilities this past fall and is scheduled for completion in August 2020.

The new Readiness Center will house offices, classrooms, training facilities, and unit administrative spaces for the 34th Infantry Division and is expected to be a LEED Silver certified building.

Wells Concrete produced more than 135,000 sq. ft of precast for this project and is currently in week 4 of erecting 204 precast members.  The new building has both external façades and interior structural support with double tees and structural wall panels.  The exterior insulated architectural panels showcase a unique mix of acid etch and formliners enhancing the building appearance.

Products Sq Ft#
Wall Panel 12″X12′ (6-3-3)(Metal Panel) 1,738 5
Wall Panel – Architectural Insulated 12″X12′ (6-3-3)
(No Liner)
8,246 30
Wall Panel – Architectural Insulated 12″X8′ (6-3-3) 17,093 102
Wall Panel – Architectural Insulated 12″X8′ (6-3-3)
20,478 88
Wall Panel – Architectural Structural 6″X8′(Returns) 1,163 8
Architectural Structural 8″X12’Interior 28,933 86
Double Tee 26″X12′ 1,696 4
Double Tee 42″X8′ 4,254 8
Double Tee 42″X8′(36″ TEE) 52,155 72
Totals 135,756 403

For information on this project, please contact Rick Ostgard or Scott Gates.