New Product Development Team at Wells

Wells Concrete has assembled a new team specifically dedicated to streamlining the development of new products through all phases of fabrication for precast buildings: design, testing, sales, production, delivery, and erection. When the New Product Development team is integrated into the project during the design stage, one of our new precast wall systems can be utilized to meet the client’s ideas and budget needs. Early collaboration brings our product specialists into the project’s design and construction team, which helps promote the overall project success. Implementing the total enclosure system at the beginning of a project reduces schedule inefficiencies and ensures quality results.

Our team partners with window and frame manufactures, structural engineers, insulation and sealant providers, and fire protection specialists to provide a complete enclosure system. Wells is committed to continuously developing additional offerings in order to provide our clients with new and innovative solutions to improve the building enclosure process. These partnerships promote risk mitigation and provide a single point of contact for contractors. The teamwork approach allows for increased work flow in our facilities that provides cost effective, time efficient, and high quality products.

One example of the team’s focus is our new Integrated Enclosure System (IES) and SlenderWall systems.  These precast cladding panels have become lighter and easier to handle while maintaining the quality, durability and aesthetics expected of precast concrete.  In addition, the partnerships the team has developed bring their own expertise to the design and production process. This approach allows for pre-installed windows that not only help with on-site logistics and schedule, but improve overall quality and increase construction safety. Once windows have been installed and tested in our facilities, the panels are shipped to the site and erected. In addition to pre-installed windows, spray foam insulation is applied to both IES and SlenderWall also in our facilities. Once erection is finished, final detailing, sealants, perimeter fire stopping, and any remaining testing will be performed on-site by our crews. All of these advantages are rolled into a single, collaborative, and detail-oriented team that improves communication between designers and contractors, helping to solve many of construction’s most pressing concerns early on in the design phase. These final on-site details complete the integrated enclosure system.

One of the main goals of our new team is educating the marketplace on what is available through a partnership with Wells Concrete through a variety of methods, including presentations, tours, and a plethora of mock-up and sample buildings made available at our production facilities. Our team works with both our clients and the design community at large to find and help solve trouble spots, as well as to identify capabilities not currently being filled – all to tailor our offerings accordingly. In effect, Wells has built a team to collaborate with the design and construction world to improve offerings and the manner in which they come together to benefit clients and the community in specific and much needed ways. Ultimately, our product development group will be interfacing with clients to improve their experience and, more importantly, to solve their specific problems.

Our Product Development team currently includes Dave Holsteen, Gregg Jacobson, Ed Muehlberg, and Tim EdlandN