Official Launching of Slenderwall: Ready to Install

Our sales, engineering, and project management teams recently attended a 2-day training session to learn more about our newest product offering – SlenderWall.  This lighter weight architectural precast concrete/steel stud building wall panel system will provide incredible design versatility for our clients.

The purpose of the training was to gain additional knowledge in order to better serve our clients and be able to offer a new product to help save money on their next p  roject.  The training focused on application and use, production, installation, engineering, pre-installed windows, pricing, and coordination with general contractors, and we are excited to share what we’ve learned.

SlenderWall is a thermal and fire code-compliant, ASTM E119 fire-tested, architectural precast composite cladding system. It reduces structural costs and on-site trades with the only envelope system that combines proven technologies – architectural precast concrete, PVA fiber and welded-wire reinforcing, stainless-steel fasteners and ready-for-drywall heavy gauge G90 galvanized steel studs – to create a single efficient solution for new construction or re-cladding.

Slenderwall is designed to be lightweight (66% less than traditional architectural precast), reducing foundation and superstructure requirements, as well as shipping and installation costs. The exterior precast concrete cladding and integrated steel stud system are isolated from the structural stresses associated with: wind loading (tested to 226mph), steel frame movement, expansion and contraction, and seismic shock.

SlenderWall’s exterior surface is 2 ½” inches of molecularly bound PVA fiber and welded-wire reinforced high-strength architectural precast concrete. The integrated interior frame is made of 14 & 16-gauge, G90 galvanized steel studs spaced vertically on 2’ centers. The architectural concrete is connected to the steel-stud frame utilizing stainless-steel fasteners, creating a thermal air gap. The frame is then filled with factory-applied NFPA 285 fire-rated closed-cell foam insulation, creating a continuous insulation and air barrier that meets 2012 IECC thermal requirements.

In summary, SlenderWall is a unique precast concrete cladding system that combines the precast façade, insulation, windows, and an interior steel frame in one composite panel; all pre-assembled in our enclosed manufacturing facility. This results in a durable, high quality, lightweight, and low maintenance product that installs quickly and offers designers a wide range of color, texture and detail choices.  This new, high-value precast solution reduces costs, improves schedules, and decreases the need for on-site trades.

  • A complete building panel inside and out
  • All the benefit of traditional precast at 1/3 the weight
  • Energy code compliant continuous insulation
  • NFPA 285 Fire code compliant

We Invite You…

Wells Concrete invites you to join us for a demonstration of lightweight enclosure samples located at our Rosemount, MN plant. If this is something that would be of interest to you and your colleagues, please let us know and we can schedule a date and time for your showing.

We look forward to showing the SlenderWall option to you and your team.