Penn and American – Bloomington, MN

Penn and American.2

Owner: United Properties
Contractor: RJM Construction
Architect: Elness Swenson Graham Architects Inc
Engineer: Ericksen Roed and Associates

Description: Located at the South East Corner of Penn Avenue and American Boulevard, this new mixed use development will enhance this already bustling area of Bloomington, MN. A total precast system using precast foundation wall, columns, beams, double tees, hollow-core plank and stair / elevator shaft walls was selected to create the first and second level podiums. The system allows for both subterranean parking below the precast deck and grade parking on top of the precast deck. The East end of the podium supports a 28,600 square foot grocery store operated by Fresh Thyme. The West end supports a retail space occupied in part by Red Robin Restaurant. Hilton Home2 will operate a 107 room, four-story 68,000 square foot hotel above the restaurant space. This serves as a great example of how precast can be utilized to create a structure that can transition from heated space to unheated parking while providing support for the upper levels. The businesses are expected to open in late 2015 and early 2016.

For more more information about this project, contact Gary Pooley, Sales Manager.

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