Parking Structure Products

Precast concrete is the leading choice for designers for parking structures for construction speed, economy and low life cycle cost. Precast parking has distinct advantages for the owner/developer, project team and end users because we are able to create a building solution that combines both architectural and structural precast concrete providing exceptional aesthetics and performance.

Precast concrete offers greater strength and impermeability, as well as superior durability. It also offers a wide range of design options that feature wider bays and the need for fewer columns, improving vehicle circulation efficiency.

Our capability to construct materials concurrently in a plant setting can result in lower costs than a cast-in-place construction process, which can also increase the likelihood that your parking structure project will be completed on time and on budget. The fact that the completed precast concrete pieces remain stored in the plant until they are ready for use also limits their exposure to the elements, which can minimize the potential for weather-related damage during construction.

High-quality precast concrete has strength that rivals or exceeds that of cast-in-place concrete. Because of its inherent toughness, precast parking garages require little in the way of on-going maintenance, which saves time, labor and money. It can also meet the stringent construction requirements where maximum seismic resilience is necessary.

From an aesthetic perspective, a precast parking garage design can include a wide range of colors, textures and veneers. Instead of being an unattractive eyesore, as is the case with many cast-in-place structures, the garage can actually complement the surrounding architecture and enhance the appearance of the area.

Architects appreciate the flexibility that precast concrete provides in terms of design options and creating the ideal visual appeal. Precast concrete provides the flexibility to incorporate design features such as longer spans and custom shapes to meet specific project requirements. A combination of finishes can also be applied to a single piece such as exposed concrete, stone or brick, and it can be easily integrated with other building components and systems.

On the job site, the precast parking garage construction process offers a number of important worker safety benefits. Since the concrete pieces arrive preformed and ready to go, it eliminates the need for on-site pouring and other concrete manufacturing processes that could put workers at risk of injury, especially during inclement weather. There is also less chance of worker accidents at the manufacturing facility because precast concrete is produced in a tightly controlled, closely supervised setting with strict adherence to safety guidelines.

Precast parking garage construction also provides many advantages in terms of sustainability. Less need for storage and staging areas during construction, faster overall project completion times and lighter footprint combine to reduce the overall site impact. Unlike cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete is completely recyclable.