Wells Concrete is a member of AltusGroup, the first-ever national partnership of fourteen precast companies founded to develop, manufacture and market innovations in concrete. The breakthrough C-GRID® carbon fiber grid reinforced CarbonCast® enclosure systems are ideal for precast walls and cladding. C-GRID® allows thinner precast sections and can reduce the weight of enclosure systems by up to 50 percent while offering significantly improved insulation value and durability.

CarbonCast® High Performance Insulated Wall Panels are composed of two concrete wythes separated by continuous insulation (ci), and connected by C-GRID® Carbon Fiber Grid shear trusses. With low thermal conductivity, high-strength C-GRID® helps deliver a panel with insulation values up to R-37—and above ASHRAE 90.1 (2007) requirements—depending on the thickness and type of foam insulation. Extensive research has unequivocally proven the outstanding load bearing performance of CarbonCast® High Performance Insulated Wall Panels. The C-GRID® shear trusses and patented pilasters render a panel with full structurally composite action and improved durability. For example, an 8″ (203mm) CarbonCast® High Performance Insulated Wall Panel—4″ (102mm) of insulation between two 2″ (51mm) concrete wythes—behaves structurally as if it were an 8″ (203mm) solid panel. For primary flexural reinforcement, prestressing strand or steel rebar is used in each wythe and in pilasters internal to the panel.

Advantages of CarbonCast®

  • Energy efficient and lighter in weight. They use less concrete and more insulating foam to reduce energy use and lighten panels – and deliver superior insulation values for enhanced thermal efficiency
  • Superior at load bearing. Load bearing vertical panels can eliminate the need for perimeter columns and add to usable floor space
  • Dry, mold-free and non-combustible. CarbonCast® panels have no voids or cavities where air or water can combine to support mold and mildew growth. The inherent fire resistance of concrete provides additional peace of mind
  • Designed to deliver comfort. Very little sound is transmitted through the walls, providing an interior free of exterior noise. And the lack of cold spots provides a more comfortable environment
  • Pre-finished on the inside wall. They can be ready for paint or wall covering and are ultra-durable
  • Code compliant. They’ve received an evaluation report (ESR#2953) from ICCEvaluation Service (ICC-ES)