Progress continues on the new St. Croix County Highway Facility with 400 pieces of precast concrete.

St. Croix County Maintenance Facility & Salt Storage

Baldwin, WI
General Contractor:
Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.
CBS Squared, Inc
St. Croix County

Progress continues on the new St. Croix County Highway Facility. The project includes construction of a 135,000 square foot highway and ancillary facility necessary for storage and maintenance of St. Croix County equipment. The new facility will replace the decades old Hammond buildings and support maintenance and construction activities for St. Croix County, other local governments and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  The facility will encompass equipment maintenance, material storage, equipment storage, administration and other necessary items to fulfill core functions of transportation construction and maintenance.

This construction project represents a culmination of five (5) years of planning to create a facility that will service the highway and other departmental needs of St. Croix County. Construction started this past spring and the anticipated completion is mid-year 2019.

Wells erected and manufactured nearly 130,000 sq ft. of precast concrete for this project.  The office wall panels are a charcoal gray color with a combination of smooth, sandblasted and retard water-washed finishes.  The smooth recessed reveals will be painted. Maintenance/ Vehicle Storage and Salt Storage building walls are a concrete gray color with a combination of smooth and sandblasted finishes; the smooth recessed reveals will be painted. The building was also supported with 100’ double tees, beams, columns, solid slabs and structural wall and double tee wall panels.

Product Sq. Ft. #
Beam Inverted T 344 5
Column Stick 1,122 27
Double Tee Standard 51,075 71
Double Tee Wall Panel 20,679 75
Solid Slab 2,013 9
Wall Architectural Insulated 39,659 135
Wall Architectural Solid 160 4
Wall Structural Insulated 7,213 33
Wall Structural Solid 7,361 40
Totals 129,626 399

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