Advanced Formliners

Sparta, WI

In our precast concrete wall panels, the simulated stone liner had micha flecks impregnated on the liner so when the concrete was cast, the micha flecks were released to the concrete, making it sparkle in the sunlight. The owner provided their own formliners on this project. This is a must-see project.

44 pieces of insulated wall panels (12,867 sf) 12′ wide x 28′ tall
24 pieces of 24″ double tees 10′ wide x 57′ long
13 pieces of 8″ solid mezzanine floor structure 10′ wide x 18′ long
6 pieces of non-insulated mezzanine wall panels 12′ wide x 18′ tall
5 pieces of 16 ” square columns x 22′ tall
4 pieces of inverted tee beams x 29′ long

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