Blattner Energy

Avon, MN

[February 2018] This project has more than 100,000 square feet of precast concrete, including 12’ wide insulated architectural wall panels boasting a sandblast and water wash finish. Double tees, hollowcore plank, columns, beams, and 12’ wide structural wall panels completed the precast construction.  Thirty-three Integrity windows were installed in our Grand Forks plant and shipped to the Avon job-site.  Because the windows can only be installed in the plant if they are completely enclosed inside of one panel, two of the windows were field installed, as they ended up being on a joint between the panels.

The client chose to utilize Integrity windows because they were very focused on energy conservation so they liked the fiberglass properties. This was also a fast tracked project, the client liked the idea of having the building being completely enclosed once Wells was done onsite.

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