Gourley Premium Pork

Little Falls, MN

This project is a gestation/farrowing facility for Gourley Premium Pork. Wells Concrete was brought in on this project through a local family company (Fitzsimmons/Protein Sources) that raises pigs and owns a mill that supplies feed along with management services, and they introduced Wells to the owner (Gourley’s).

The hog industry has been battling issues with disease, building durability, and fire, all of which have played havoc on the cost of insurance; they wanted to know if prestressed concrete could address any or all of those concerns. Through countless meetings, we came up with a facility that would be the first of its kind: a total prestress/precast gestation/farrowing research facility. The owners are based out of Iowa, but needed to put this in a location isolated from the large pig population in Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Architect: Wells Concrete
Engineer: ISG
Owner: Gourley Brothers

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