Liberty Elementary School

Bismarck, ND

The Liberty Elementary School $12 million building was completed in August of 2014. The 76,000 square foot facility had a tight deadline to meet the 2014 school year. Use of precast elements was instrumental in addressing the fast construction schedule. The precast wall panels provided extreme performance capabilities in energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance. Since this product was poured indoors in a climate controlled facility it allowed for better consistency and quality.

The architectural team was looking for an aesthetic contrast on the exterior finish, but also needed to keep budget in mind. To achieve this goal they worked closely with Wells Concrete by using one mix design and three different treatments including: water wash, sandblast, and acid etch finishes. These three finishes were all separated by reveals which gave some visual depth to the panels along with the contrast that the architect envisioned. The use of the colored aggregates offered up a maintenance-free exterior on the project for the duration of the building. With having 33,276 square foot of product, Wells had to pour this project on multiple forms to move the installation schedule forward. Wells Concrete’s Albany facility created panel stations on several of their forms to keep consistency in the reveals between panels.