Nasseff Specialty Center

St. Paul, MN

Construction of this five-story medical complex added over 128,500 square feet to a Class “A” medical office building, with facilities for building tenants including the St. Paul Heart and Lung Clinic, the St. Paul Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic, and the Minnesota Epilepsy Group. The new building houses 125 new medical specialists, 300 support staff, imaging and diagnostic equipment, patient rooms, and labs. Vibration control was a major factor in the structural design of this building, which is framed with structural steel and composite concrete floor slabs and used precast concrete and glass for the exterior walls.

Wells Concrete provided the architectural cladding to give the exterior a unique look using white, red, and buff colors. A rock-faced form liner was used at street level to accentuate the column wraps on the South and East elevation.

An alternating pattern of horizontal and vertical spanning precast panels were used to optimize the precast shape in order to give our customer the best value. With this panelization layout the vertical precast elements needed to span two levels. The bearing connection on these vertical panels alternated in location in order to load each floor equally. This is an example of how to take advantage of Wells Concrete’s forming and design flexibility to achieve cost saving to the project while also understating how not to affect the engineers of records design and loading plan.

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