Schneiderman’s Furniture

Schneiderman’s Furniture expanded its footprint in Lakeville with construction of a new 112,000-square-foot building on a 4.8-acre site.

The two-story furniture store features a second story patio, which showcases outdoor furniture for sale – a first for the furniture company. The exterior of the building incorporates local Kasota limestone, architectural sandblasted precast wall panels, and specialty glass that protects the quality of products from exposure to the sun, while still allowing for natural light on the indoor retail floor – a differentiator from most furniture stores.

The new store was completed in May 2017, with construction starting in September 2016. The project came with an aggressive timeline for completion and required special care to ensure the space was ready for furniture staging six weeks in advance of their opening. In order to stay on schedule, the team prioritized the completion of certain areas of the building and offered flexibility to the client by using a temporary certificate of occupancy in March so that Schneiderman’s could begin staging furniture in completed areas of the showroom.

Wells Concrete designed, manufactured and erected more than 20,000 sq. ft. of precast concrete insulated architectural wall panels with a combination smooth and sandblast finish. To accommodate the aggressive construction timeline, installation of all the precast was completed in one week.

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