VA Hospital Parking Ramp

Minneapolis, MN

With the growing need to provide medical services for veterans, the VA desperately needed additional parking. With no more space available on the grounds, the only solution was to go up by building a ramp. Construction began April 1, 2013 and opened March 17, 2014; six months ahead of schedule. The $10 million project has 520 spaces including 100 designated for handicapped-vehicle usage. It is designated for patient only use during regular work day hours Monday – Friday.

On opening day the saw 640 more parking spots than they had during construction. Employee parking increased by 64 spots and patient parking increased by 346 spots with this new parking plan. In addition to 100 spaces designated for handicapped accessible vehicles, there are spaces for 11 vans and 14 motorcycles.

Wells Concrete supplied this 140,500 square feet, three supported level, ramp with the unique feature of vertical architectural precast lite walls on the exterior in lieu of traditional horizontal spandrels in order to better match the surrounding buildings. During the design phase, Leo A Daly was tasked with analyzing three different construction methods, Cast in Place with precast on the exterior, a hybrid combination of steel and precast and a total precast ramp.  In the end, the total precast ramp was selected. The general contractor was Division 21 of St Paul, a Veteran-owned business, which used 30 subcontractors.

Contractor: Division 21
Architect: Leo A. Daly
Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs

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