VA Tomah Medical Center

Tomah, WI

It’s the next best thing to being at home.

“Even though you can be alone in your room if you want or on your computer or doing whatever you need to do, you can also be out with other veterans that you get to know really well in small groups. So they really get to bond, play cards, packer pools whatever they want to do, but it really is a nice family, it becomes a family,” said Tomah VA Medical Center Director Victoria Brahm.

The Tomah VA already had 20 veterans living in community living centers (CLC), and doubled that with the construction of two new centers in 2018. Each CLC can house ten veterans and includes a private bedroom and bathroom, housekeepers and chefs as well as nurses and staff members. The residents require varying degrees of care that necessitate on-site caregivers but don’t require round-the-clock nursing services.

Brahm said the facilities follow the “Green House” concept, in which residents take ownership of the living arrangements. Residents help decide what meals are served and often help in food preparation.

The project cost the Tomah VA just over $7 million and is one of many renovations the medical center is currently undergoing, which will also include adding beds for homeless veterans and adding a dementia unit in the hospital.

The VA says they hope to have the 20 veterans move into the new center’s by August in 2019.

Wells Concrete provided beams, columns, plank and wall panels for this project, totaling 357 pieces (53,982 square feet) of precast concrete.

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