Windom EMS Building

Windom, MN

The City of Windom was in need of more space to house all their fire apparatus and ambulance vehicles in a single building as their fleet had grown over the years. The need to house all of the apparatus and emergency vehicles in one location was critical to assure residents adequate response times required by NFPA 1710 standards.

With this in mind, the building was designed to include space for both fire and ambulance crews. Nine total bays are now filled with multiple emergency vehicles, including watercraft, along with two stories that contain offices, bedrooms, and a lounge area.

Specific spaces in the building include shared lounge area, sleeping quarters, multiple private offices, storage rooms, toilet rooms and showers, large meeting/training room suitable for 50 people, kitchen, apparatus bays for 10 fire apparatus, garage space for three ambulances, a dedicated wash bay, SCBA room, hose drying tower, and several other amenities.

Officials say the installment of this building should help decrease response times due to the new arrangement of emergency personnel. City Administrator Steve Nasby said “Having the facility here, what it means to the community is a more coordinated response. Typically, we have fire, ambulance, and law enforcement responding to calls and now they are all centrally located.” For the first time, all three emergency response teams will be within a block of each other.

The exterior of the building is comprised of precast wall panels that borrow not only color and materials from the surrounding neighborhood, but also borrow from the historic nature of them as well. The 10’ wide exterior insulated wall panels showcase a mix of sandblast, waterwash with an Architectural Polymers formliner. In total, Wells Concrete placed nearly 40,000 sq. ft. of precast concrete for this project, also included in this construction were 80’ long double tees  along with hollowcore planks and columnsWatch as one of our double tees get set into place.

Product Sq. Ft. #
Hollowcore 7,500 122
Columns 18 Ln. Ft. 2
Double Tee 20” and 32” x 80′ Long 10,821 19
10’ Wide Flat Architectural 19,311 110