Divide County Courthouse

Crosby, ND

“We’re right where we’re supposed to be with the overall schedule, even with delays for rain, and all that,” Mike Ragsdale said. Ragsdale is the field project manager for Construction Engineers, Inc. That means he’s in charge of coordinating every phase of the $10 million undertaking.

Currently, crews are installing steel beams that will provide support for the floors, and make up the structure of a new entrance on the building’s west side. Those beams are attached to the pre-cast concrete walls erected earlier by Wells Concrete. For this expansion project, Wells Concrete provided 58 pieces of precast concrete, including insulated and non-insulated wall panels, with sandblast, acid etch, thin brick, and form face finishes.

“We actually plan to turn the addition over in June, so people can move into their new spaces,” he said.

“After that we’ll do a little remodeling in the existing spaces, and have it finished in time for the August [2017] celebration.”