Rochester Sterling State Bank’s new corporate office features nearly 300 pieces of precast concrete

Sterling Bank Corporate Office

Rochester, MN
General Contractor:
Benike Construction
CRW architecture + design group
Structural Services and Design Inc.
Sterling State Bank

Sterling State Bank’s new corporate office features a 30,000 square foot commercial building with three levels. This marks an expansion from the Bank’s current retail and corporate space of approximately 18,000 square feet. Site preparation and construction began this summer with completion anticipated for the summer of 2019.

The new site will include a complete retail banking branch, along with space for key departments including information technology, centralized loan processing, commercial lending, internal audit, accounting, electronic banking, and bank operations. “Sterling State Bank first expanded into Rochester in 1992,” said Sterling State Bank President Justin McNeilus. “Since then, we’ve grown along with the city, locating our corporate office here in 2001 to better support new markets. Between the growth that we have experienced as an organization and changes in banking, it became increasingly important to expand into a larger, purpose-built headquarters to support our growth.”

This is a total precast project for Wells, producing and erecting nearly 46,000 sq. ft. of precast concrete.  The new headquarters will look beautiful with a mix of architectural wall panels boasting acid etch, sandblast, waterwash and polish finishes.  Double tees, columns, beams and solid slabs support the interior of the building.

Precast concrete is ideal to optimize office construction creating high performance structures. Precast concrete envelope and structural systems are used for all types of offices, from low-rise to high-rise construction, and in mixed-use applications.

Product Sq. Ft. #
Beam Inverted T 894 14
Beam Ledge 81 3
Beam Rectangular 45 1
Column Haunch 388 6
Double Tee Standard 25,265 62
Slab Solid 1,735 21
Spandrel Rectangular 90 1
Wall Architectural Insulated 12,786 132
Wall Architectural Solid 1,137 19
Wall Structural Insulated 263 1
Wall Structural Solid 2,910 14
Total 45,594 274

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