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Al MAlbanybay 111/29/20175Housekeeping

concrete on floor

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Samuel GuidarelliField (Wells)Kitty Hawk (TEST TEST)11/29/201710PPE

Orville flying airplane without any, training, certification, fall protection, or flight specific paperwork.

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Samuel GuidarelliField (Wells)TEST TEST11/29/20170Respirator UseTest TestView / Edit Details
Brent WinterAlbanyBrick area11/29/20176Housekeeping

Brick area seems to get disorganized very quickly. This then leads to tripping hazards.

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Al MAlbanybay 211/28/20175PPE

employee not wearing safety glasses

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Cody JacobsonField (Wells)TrūShrimp Balaton, MN11/28/20178Other

Wind gust setting a 40' tall wall panel.
Wedge clamp wasnt started when gust took panel and pulled clamp from top guy hand. Clamp fell from 40' feet and struck Shane Jacobson on the Hardhat. He claims he is uninjured and no doctor or hospital visit took place. First aid was not administered other than taking a break and making sure employee was alright.

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David R MitzelGrand ForksWestside Bldg B11/28/201710Housekeeping

Wind blowing 4X8 sheets of Styrofoam all over the Countryside.

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Kevin lestoField (Wells)Litchfield Mn11/28/20179Other

Exesive winds up to 40 mph. Had to shutdown the crane onsite

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John FarrenGrand ForksProduction Building B11/28/20174Safe Equipment Operations

Strand was not cut and capped after tensioning on the dead end.

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Tom PetersonField (Wells)FDA Litchfield11/28/20176Other

Winds in excess of 20 mph caused us to shut down crane operations.

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Doug SchleicherAlbanyService door on finish building11/28/20177Other

Door to enter building do not have windows.

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Chuck KnowlesRosemountYard - R820211/28/20179Safe Equipment Operations

Stripping trailer - 8202 - has a landing "foot" issue. Missing or dammaged foot is causing trailer to lean in one direction.

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Chuck KnowlesRosemountYard11/28/201712Safe Equipment Operations

Hyster forklift is having fuel delivery issues.

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Corey OlsonWellsFS 1911/28/20176Safe Equipment Operations

Employee Alvin Roessler was cutting out the bed. He was removing cable from an opening without covering cable on the floor that was to be used in todays pour with a fire/welding blanket.

Alvin states he would not get a blanket and that he would no longer cut out openings, that the patch building can do it.

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Mike FrielerAlbanyBay 311/28/20176Other

EE walked into the danger zone while the stadia was detensioning.

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Mike FrielerAlbanyFS-1511/28/20175Safe Equipment Operations

Found an extension cord with a cut in it.

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Doug SchleicherAlbanyYard11/27/20175Other

Some of the truck drivers that deliver aggregate to the bins by the batch plant are going to fast.

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jeff KemperAlbanyProduction building, west end outside11/27/20176Safe Equipment Operations

Once again the strand is sticking out of the back of the roll off unit that is parked outside of the west end of the 1st production bay. This could possibly lead to someone walking into the strand and getting hurt,

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Steve HoweGrand ForksProduction Building B11/27/20177Other

Several Face Shields very dirty, scratched up and damaged.

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Brian IsaacsonField (Wells)6737 Basin Menoken11/23/20174Housekeeping

Rebar caps off the rebar.

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Tom LyleRosemountStripping Trailer11/23/201710Safe Equipment Operations

Frame of drop-deck stripping trailer cracked near front leg.

Completed01/26/2018View / Edit Details
Brian IsaacsonField (Wells)6737 Basin Menoken11/23/20174Housekeeping

Rebar caps off the rebar.

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Jeff KemperAlbanyProduction building, bay 311/23/20177Housekeeping

Wood pallet laying on the floor in walk area and a ladder partially blocking a fire exit door.

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Tyler AntilAlbanyRiser form11/22/20178Safe Equipment Operations

Crew had placed a 1/2" detentioning chuck on backwards and had it twisted around a 1/4" strand.

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Rick JohnsonWellsB511/22/20176Ergonomics

Gustavo H. jumped off the B5 instead of climbing down.

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