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 Name Site Area Date Ttl Safety Topic Root Causes Status Respirator User Name Completion DateEntry
60ft JlgField (Wells)Rapid Marine04/02/20197Other

Basket on Jlg came to job bent

Completed04/02/2019View / Edit Details
60SField (Wells)EssentiaHealth10/31/20186Fall Hazard

Muddy conditions

Completed10/30/2018View / Edit Details
Aaron SibenalerRosemountHC drive alley01/28/20199Safe Equipment Operations

Aaron could smell diesel fuel while operating the Tucker. Shut down the machine to investigate and noticed it had a fuel leak.

Completed01/28/2019View / Edit Details
Abel OlivaresRosemountT-4 stressing jack05/26/20206Unsafe Operation

Safety door latch was stuck and didn't work.

Completed05/26/2020View / Edit Details
Abel OlivaresRosemountStrand Cutting Station08/29/20187Housekeeping

Dunnage and pieces of strand in the middle of the aisle. Might cause a tripping hazard.

Completed08/31/2018View / Edit Details
Abel OlivaresRosemountPlant entrance from breakroom - walkway12/03/20186Safe Equipment Operations

Chain guard for walkway to the east was not secured when stressing HC3.

Completed12/03/2018View / Edit Details
Abel Olivares (entered by Jeff Bullerman)RosemountBeam Form07/31/20196Safe Equipment Operations

While working near the beam form Ablel found a extension cord that had a loose connection and was duct taped together.

Completed08/01/2019View / Edit Details
Adam MarschinkeMidwestForest Lake05/21/20199PPE

Field crews were not wearing safety glasses.

Completed05/21/2019View / Edit Details
Adam MarschinkeEast Div. SealantsCentral Middle School - Eden Prairie01/20/20219Fall Hazard

A Sealants Crew was conducting work on a roofline. Joint height was 18', a ladder was being used to complete work. The rubber roof membrane had been installed, river rock had not been placed. Someone went up the ladder while someone stayed at the bottom to hold the feet. The feet of the ladder slid away from the wall. The person on the ladder rode the ladder to the deck. He sustained no serious injuries, just a few scrapes and a bruise on his thigh. The person holding the ladder at the bottom was sent sliding a few feet. He sustained no injuries.

Needs AttentionView / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 111/16/20205PPE

Employee wasn't wearing their safety glasses.

Completed11/16/2020View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 110/01/20196Other

Saw (2) employees pulling 2 strand at a time

Completed10/01/2019View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyFS1501/25/20213Unsafe Operation

Stressing Jack is leaking oil. This is causing a fall hazard.

Completed01/25/2021View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyFS705/17/20199Safe Equipment Operations

While cutting out the bed the end gate was partially opened and not latched.

Completed05/17/2019View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 212/11/20207Unsafe Operation

Employee didn't have the grinder hooked up to the vacuum while grinding.

Completed12/11/2020View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyProduction Building05/15/20197Safe Equipment Operations

Gates were open at the end of a bed and the strand was stressed.

Completed05/15/2019View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 212/11/20206PPE

Employee grinding wasn't wearing a mask.

Completed12/11/2020View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyFS1409/09/20206Unsafe Operation

Employee was sanding on the rail with a disc grinder and did not have a face shield on. Debris could fly up and strike employee in the face.

Completed09/09/2020View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBins area07/22/20208Other

Fire hydrant by the bins is blocked by fencing.

Needs AttentionView / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 112/17/20207Housekeeping

Had some wood with screws sticking out.

Completed12/17/2020View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 1 between FS9 and FS1002/08/20194Other

Employees were going to drive golf cart between panel getting loaded on trailer and FS9.

Completed02/08/2019View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 212/17/20207Unsafe Operation

Employee wasn't paying attention and walked by the end of a bed while it was being cut out.

Completed12/17/2020View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 111/11/20206PPE

Employee was not wearing their safety glasses.

Completed11/11/2020View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyProduction Building03/13/20194Safe Equipment Operations

Employee was driving the forklift without the seat belt on.

Completed03/13/2019View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 103/13/20194Housekeeping

Had a board with a screw sticking out of it. Somebody could step on it and puncture their foot.

Completed03/13/2019View / Edit Details
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyProduction Building06/24/20197Safe Equipment Operations

Bed was stressing and employees were standing in the middle of the bay.

Completed06/24/2019View / Edit Details
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