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Danny SheetzWest - PlantDT312/14/20200Safe Operation

Flagger was on his game during stressing stopping myself and another employye from crossing.

Completed12/14/2020View / Edit Details
Les SpencerWest - PlantProduction12/07/20200Safe Operation

Man on DT3 cutting table with all PPE in place

Completed12/07/2020View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerField (Wells)Field04/01/20190Respirator UseChris Swanson04/01/2019View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerField (Wells)Field04/01/20190Respirator UseDalton Munn04/01/2019View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerField (Wells)Field04/01/20190Respirator UseBrady Bye04/01/2019View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerField (Wells)Field04/01/20190Respirator UseDan Jensen04/01/2019View / Edit Details
Kevin LestoField (Wells)Rochester Elementary12/21/20200Safe Operation

Nails sticking out of poured walls

Completed12/21/2020View / Edit Details
Brent winterAlbanyfs1810/13/20200Safe Operation

had a refresher on stressing safety

Completed10/13/2020View / Edit Details
Jasen LazerteField (Wells)7231 metro transit09/30/20200Safe Operation

While torching inside of train wash crew was prepared with extinguisher water and a fir watch. Good job crew.

Completed09/30/2020View / Edit Details
Douglas GallegosWest - FieldPikes Peak Plaza Parking01/22/20210Safe Operation

Observed Steve and team mob-in to start erection on the 25th
Steve and I and crew walked with the crane operator around the the foot print of the structure and shared the game plan of lay down area, truck staging area, area #1 area #2 and so on.
Made sure everyone was clear of the Erection plan.
CAZ zone was established and were under way
We ask that R.M.S would install a electric air horn on the crane.
R.M.S. is working on it.

Completed01/22/2021View / Edit Details
Pete smallenField (Wells)Twin city hyde- in lift02/13/20180Respirator UsePete smallen Raquel roberts02/13/2018View / Edit Details
IsraelWest Div. SealantsWest line parking garage02/01/20210Safe Operation

Work safe

Completed02/02/2021View / Edit Details
Michael DominguezWest Div. SealantsWest Line02/11/20210Safe Operation

Take time checking your ladder that one is working on.

Completed02/11/2021View / Edit Details
Ever EsparzaWest - FieldCameron Parking02/22/20210Safe Operation

Using rolling blocks to evenly distribute load amongst pick points that are missing lifter bars.

Completed02/22/2021View / Edit Details
corey olsonWellsDT907/22/20200Safe Operation

QC Todd Anderson walked to end of form to go down steps. About 100', rather then climb down form. good example to do things right.

Completed07/22/2020View / Edit Details
Al MontagAlbanyBay 106/29/20200Safe Operation

while cutting out people are standing to close to the torch

Completed06/29/2020View / Edit Details
Juan Carlos MarinRosemountSouth TT form05/12/20200Safe Operation

Juan noticed while inspecting a extension cord that it had some exposed wires.

Completed05/12/2020View / Edit Details
Jason & Keon'TisRosemountYard05/01/20200Safe Operation

During DT trailer inspections found a shipping trailer w/ lower grade binders than needed for shipping DT's

Completed05/01/2020View / Edit Details
Douglas GallegosWest - FieldAmazon Pecos #42040011/09/20200Safe Operation

Monitored the crew inspect there rigging and rolling block.
Very thorough with ever piece of rigging

Good Job

Completed11/09/2020View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerAlbanyBay 111/11/20200Safe Operation

Employee not wearing seatbelt on the forklift

Completed11/11/2020View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerField (Wells)Field04/01/20190Respirator UseMatthew Stiernagle04/01/2019View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerField (Wells)Field04/01/20190Respirator UseEdward Schmitz (Beard)04/01/2019View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerField (Wells)Feild04/01/20190Respirator UseBryce Allard (Beard)04/01/2019View / Edit Details
Israel estradaWest Div. SealantsAmazon01/28/20210Safe Operation

Be aware of your work area to prevent slips and falls.

Completed01/29/2021View / Edit Details
Severo RuizWest Div. SealantsGreeley high school02/02/20210Safe Operation

He cautious when using boom or other heavy equipment.

Needs AttentionView / Edit Details
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