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 Name Site Area Date Ttl Safety Topic Root Causes Status Respirator User Name Completion DateEntry
Adam PogatschnikAlbanyBay 111/16/20205PPE

Employee wasn't wearing their safety glasses.

Completed11/16/2020View / Edit Details
Ben SorensonAlbanyFinishing Building08/16/20194Safe Equipment Operations

Employee was not using a vacuum while grinding edges on a panel.

Completed08/16/2019View / Edit Details
Shaun InsleyAlbanyEast end of Bay 1 between FS-8 and FS-705/22/20197Safe Equipment Operations

Witnessed and employee driving the forklift erratically and too fast.

Completed05/22/2019View / Edit Details
Chris EricksonAlbanyFinish Building12/01/20185PPE

Employee not wearing ppe

Completed12/01/2018View / Edit Details
Brent winterAlbanyFS1801/04/20214Other

stressing Gates left open after stressing

Completed01/05/2021View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerAlbanyReadi Mix12/15/20206Other

Back up alarm on readi mix truck 37 is not working.

Completed12/15/2020View / Edit Details
Jeff KemperAlbanyOutside of wood shop10/01/20199Safe Equipment Operations

Employee was dumping trash into the compactor. He was standing under the dumpster while trash was going into the compactor.

Completed10/02/2019View / Edit Details
Melissa ChristenAlbanyProduction05/22/20194Housekeeping

Extra cardboard containers and messy supply area on East end of Bay 2

Completed05/22/2019View / Edit Details
Tyler AntilAlbanyTT 105/16/20189Safe Equipment Operations

Employee climbed up onto bed using the hand rail as a ladder.

Completed05/16/2018View / Edit Details
Al MAlbanyFs 1007/02/20197Fall Hazard

Employee jumped off the bed and almost fell to the floor

Completed07/03/2019View / Edit Details
Tyler AntilAlbanyFS-1510/10/201810Other

Wood bulk heads laying on ground with screws sticking up along bed.

Completed10/09/2018View / Edit Details
Tyler AntilAlbanyTT 105/11/20188Safe Equipment Operations

No caution tape hung up around the tilt table while it was tipped up.

Completed05/11/2018View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerAlbanyProduction10/14/20206Other

Employee was going to walk past the end of the bed while they were cutting out.

Completed10/14/2020View / Edit Details
Jeff KemperAlbanyYard (Diesel Fuel Barrel )07/29/20204Other

Wesley reported that the diesel pump was left unattended for a couple of minutes while putting fuel in a yard truck. The hose came out of the tank and fuel spilled on the ground.

Completed07/29/2020View / Edit Details
Mike d FrielerAlbanyBay one01/20/20203Safe Equipment Operations

Not wearing seat belt while operating the forklift.

Completed01/23/2020View / Edit Details
Chad FrielerAlbanyFS1410/01/20195Safe Equipment Operations

Gates on the east end of the bed with strand pulled open.

Completed10/02/2019View / Edit Details
Chad FrielerAlbanyFinish Building08/15/20196PPE

Employee not wearing steel toe shoes

Completed08/21/2019View / Edit Details
Brent winterAlbanyFinish building07/02/20195Fall Hazard

EE was standing inside an opening torching out strand without fall protection. The opening measured 4'-4" from the floor.

Completed07/03/2019View / Edit Details
Chris EricksonAlbanyFinish Building01/06/20194PPE

Employee not wearing safety glasses

Completed01/06/2019View / Edit Details
Tyler AntilAlbanyTT 105/10/20188Safe Equipment Operations

Crew on the FS-15 started stressing without closing the safety gate at the east end of the bed.

Completed05/10/2018View / Edit Details
Mike FrielerAlbanyYard10/08/20206Other

An air line on a yard truck had a hole worn through it and was leaking air.

Completed10/08/2020View / Edit Details
Melissa ChristenAlbanyProduction East End06/12/20206Other

East end of production floor has several areas where the concrete is broken or chipped causing trip hazard

Needs AttentionView / Edit Details
Brent winterAlbanyFS1004/07/20207Ergonomics

while pulling strand EE's are walking over the strand next to the strand pack. Causing EE's to trip.

Needs AttentionView / Edit Details
Chad FrielerAlbanyFinish Building08/15/20195PPE

employee not wearing a safety vest

Completed08/16/2019View / Edit Details
Al MAlbanyFS 1004/15/20197Other

After the was stressed employee was standing in the bed and the closed gate

Completed04/15/2019View / Edit Details
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